The GF Network is one of the best sources of amateur porn served in a professional manner. What does that mean? It means that the collection of amateur porn is submitted by college couple from all around the world, but the company only features the best clips. That means only porn action shoot with decent cameras, with no blurry and shaky scenes. More than that, the couples who are performing in those clips are getting paid for their contribution, so it’s in their interest to show us some amazing action. Basically, they are experiencing how it is to be porn star for a day. Besides couple having fun, The GF Network is also featuring self-shot masturbation sessions from horny chicks, some really kinky dorm room orgies and even first time college lesbian experiences. Everything you’ve dreamed of about the new generation of horny college students will be at your disposal. All you have to do is to become a member of The GF Network and you will have tons of jerk-off material submitted by amateur couples from all across the US and Europe. The network features 22 sites, each with a kinky collection, which will be put at your disposal through a functional and reliable interface. Learn about all the aspects of The GF Network from the rest of our review.

The Sites

Let’s first talk about the interface through which you will be able to watch the clips of The GF Network. The network’s sites are looking pretty good, with an appealing interface that’s easy to use and functional on both mobile devices and computers. All the sites of the network are based on the same design theme, with little changes every here and there, so that the site’s appearance will reflect the nature of the collection. I like the fact that they offer a lot of naughty content as soon as you enter the site. All clips are presented through suggestive thumbnails, which will give you an idea of the action featured in each of them. However, you won’t have to scroll through the thousands of clips in order to find the kind of porn you are looking for. The sites has a well-organized collection, with tags based on suggestive keywords and a category list, which will allow you to browse the content and find the kind of movie you are in the mood for in no time. There are also filters to browse the collection based on ratings, popularity and number of views, but no advanced search tool is offered by The GF Network. Bottom-line, the sites of this network are not a thing to be worried about when you are making the decision of becoming a member of The GF Network.

The Collection

Even if this is an amateur porn site, the type of porn you will get goes far beyond just couples having sex in front of a web cam. Tons of fetishes and kinks can be found in this collection, which makes me think that this generation of college ladies and dudes is the naughtiest we’ve had so far. From masturbation with crazy sex toys to outdoor anal orgies, the collection of The GF Network is going to offer you everything you need for a naughty night by yourself. The total collection of the network is divided across its 22 sites, and the sites are built around a certain theme. You will have a site dedicated to oral sex, one for busty ladies, another one for non-nude porn, but also sites dedicated to ethnic groups, lesbians and college gay dudes. Overall the total collection of The GF Network sums up 8000GB of porn content, which is more than 11,000 hot clips, with an average of 10-15 minutes of action and over 15,000 image galleries, with about 20 pictures each. You will be able to watch the movies online and the streaming format is Flash with an average resolution of 640×360. The content can also be downloaded, the movies being available in MP4 format the galleries as .zip sets.

The Porn Stars

In the case of a network like The GF Network, where the content is amateur and user submits, we can’t talk about famous porn stars, so they don’t feature a model index. However, what they feature is a great variety of models. The only thing al the models of this collection have in common is that they are over 19 years old and under 25, and also the fact that they maybe love sex too much. But other than that, every chick is unique. Not only that you will get all kinds of body types, boob sizes and ass shapes, but you will also get a great variety of ethnic groups. This variety is so great that the network had to dedicate entire sites for some of their most popular ethnic groups. Because of that we have sites for Ebonies and Latinas, Asian GFs, and even one for Indian horny college chicks. Besides that, there’s also a site for BBW hotties, one for busty models and my favorite, the one dedicated to all the naughty and horny EMO and Goth chicks. The fact that The GF Network is featuring exclusively user submitted amateur content, makes it hard for you to find the same girl in two different movies of galleries. Also, there’s no model index through which you could browse the collection based on the looks of the girls. But one thing is certain. All the models of this site are smoking-hot and letting any of them take care of you is surely not a waste of time.

The Memberships

Reading about all the awesome features of this network might make a man think that the price of The GF Network memberships are incredibly high. However, that’s not the case. Even if the site has to pay for each movie they feature on the site, the costs are roughly the same as the ones other networks are spending on producing their own content. So, basically, the price of The GF Network memberships is the same as the ones of other networks, with the difference that you will get more content, in a niche where high quality porn is hard to find. You will be able to choose between a monthly and a 3-months membership, with no possibilities for a yearly one. The 30 days access of this site costs $27,95 and the 90 days access is $59,97. There is also the possibility of checking out the network before becoming a member of it, through the trial membership, that offers 1 day of limited access for $1. All these memberships will bring you access on 22 sites like, and the most popular 5 of them are: Oral Girlfriends, Girlfriend Orgasms, My Lesbo GF, Obsessed with Myself and Badass Girlfriends.


Before finding out about The GF Network, all my amateur porn came from free sites, and I must tell you that I wasn’t happy with what I was getting. However, that all changed with The GF Network. They took amateur porn and list it to a whole new level. It’s true that the availability for cameras and phones that can film HD helped this niche, but still, there is no way you will get the same quality of amateur porn on any other sites. So if you are a fan of the amateur niche, I suggest you to become a member of this site, right now!

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